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Concrete Admixture Base
Jiangsu Concrete Admixture Development Base

With the total area of 54,000 m2, has four workhouses, e.g. Chemical Synthesis Workhouse, Powdery Admixture Re-preparation Workhouse and others. Currently, the base has the annual production capacity of 140,000 t re-prepared powdery admixture, 80,000t naphthaline admixture and 60,000t polycarboxylic acid and sulphamate admixture.

The state-of-the-art production lines use data acquisition to realize overall-process automatic control in the production of concrete admixture. By the advantage of fully automatic monitoring system, each working procedure can be effectively monitored. Operators in control room can monitor all operations and adjust processing parameters by computer. Computer-based record for operation is available. Fully automatic control ensures very high precision in operation and superb quality of products. By means of data acquisition, the production lines

Powdery Admixture Re-preparation Workhouse
effectively offer the solutions tothe control of molecular weight of intermediate compound. Using centrifugal filtration for primary processing and vacuum filtration for finished processing, the production lines greatly avoid defects owing to using traditional processing, shorten filtering time and increase production efficiency. The base's environment-friendly production lines are virtually consistent with national standards of environmental protection.
Powdery Admixture Re-preparation Workhouse
The base was entitled as Concrete Admixture Technological Development Base issued by Science & Technology Committee of Jiangsu Province in 1999 and was specially appointed as Production Base of Concrete Admixture and Construction Coating by Ministry of Construction of People's Republic of China in 2002.

the Totally-automated Synthetic Production Line

Exteriors of the Base
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