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Because of excellent product performance and high-quality service, the Botes products have widely applied in most key projects in China. Since 2003, Bote has attained the largest market share and occupied the market standing in China. The application profiles of Projects are listed as follows.
Express Railway
Zhengxi Express Railway
Wuguang Express Railway
Jingjin Express Railway
Hewu Express Railway
Wenfu Express Railway
Yongtaiwen Express Railway
Jinghu Express Railway
Hydraulic Project
the Three Gorges Dam
Baise Hydro Junction, Guangxi
Gongboxia Hydraulic Junction
Lancangjiang River Hydraulic Power Station (Xiaowan) , Yunan Province
Xiluodu Hydraulic Junction
Goupitan Hydraulic Junction
Laxiwa Hydraulic Junction
Jinghong Hydraulic Junction
Wanjiazhai Hydraulic Junction
Large-Scale Bridge
Hangzhou Bay Bridge
Sutong Yangtze River Bridge
Runyang Yangtze River Bridge
Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge
Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge
Nanjing Yangtze River Second Bridge
Baise Hydro Junction, Guangxi
Nanjing Yangtze River Third Bridge
Qingdao over-sea Bridge
Wuhan Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge
Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge
Kaifeng Yellow River Bridge
Guangzhou Huangpu River Bridge
Municipal Projects
Nanjing Subway
Nanjing International Exhibition Center
Nanjing Olympic Center
Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center
Wuhu Olympic Park
Ningbo Yandong Municipal Sewage Plant
Wuxi Northern City Municipal Sewage Plant
Nantong Sports Exhibition Center
Nanjing Jiangxin island Municipal Sewage Plant
Nanjing Jiuhuashan Tunnel
Nanjing Yanzi Rver-river Tunnel
Qingdao Song Mountain Tunnel
Hangzhou Jiefang Road Tunnel
Hu-Ning Speedway
Hehang Speedway
Anhui Gaojie Speedway
Xipan Speedway
Henan Mitong Speedway
Mengcheng-Bengbu Speedway
Zhumadian-Xinyang Speedway
Shenyang-dalian Speedway
Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Speedway
Jingzhunan Speedway
Zhenjiang-Liyang Speedway
Sujiahang Speedway
Nanjing-Jingjiang-Yancheng speedway
Nuclear Power Station

Tianwan Nuclear Power Station

Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station
Haiyang Nuclear Power Station
Other Projects
Qinghai-Tibet railroad
Danjiangkou South-North Water Transfer Project
Nanjing Lukou International Airport
Henan Hebi Electric Plant
Shandong Canal Electric Plant
Zhangjiagang Electric Plant
Henan Qinbei Electric Plant
Shandong Guotun Coal Mine
Yancheng Tongyu River Xiangshui Floodgate


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